Just off Israeli highway, 500,000-year-old site found

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الرئيسية / /غير مصنف / Just off Israeli highway, 500,000-year-old site found

Just off Israeli highway, 500,000-year-old site found

Just off Israeli highway, 500,000-year-old site found

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    Israeli archaeologists work at an excavation site near Jerusalem
    Israeli archeologists declared Sunday they have revealed an uncommon site going back some a large portion of a million years - only beside a cutting edge roadway and just a few meters underground.
    Archeologists imagine the site at Jaljulia, upper east of Tel Aviv, as a kind of "heaven" for ancient seeker gatherers, with a stream, vegetation and a plenitude of creatures
    They have revealed many stone handaxes as a feature of the burrow only by Route 6, one of Israel's busiest interstates, the Israel Antiquities Authority said.
    "It's difficult to trust that amongst Jaljulia and expressway 6, five meters underneath the surface, an old scene some 50% of a million years of age has been so incredibly safeguarded," Ran Barkai, head of Tel Aviv University's prehistoric studies division, which partook in the burrow, said in an announcement.
    He included that "for individuals, it resembled a heaven, so they came here over and over."
    The site is related with homo erectus, an immediate precursor of the present people.
    The burrow started at the site pressed amongst Jaljulia and the roadway on account of development gets ready for the region, which required archeological endorsement in advance, the relics specialist said.
    As indicated by the specialist, ancient people may have come back to the region as a major aspect of a regular cycle.

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