Navy plane that crashed in Philippine Sea located deep in pacific

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الرئيسية / /غير مصنف / Navy plane that crashed in Philippine Sea located deep in pacific

Navy plane that crashed in Philippine Sea located deep in pacific

Navy plane that crashed in Philippine Sea located deep in pacific

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    a group of people posing for the camera: Bryan Llenas reports on the reaction to the tragedy.
    U.S. Naval force plane that smashed in the Philippine Sea in November, slaughtering three mariners, has been situated in the Pacific Ocean.

    The C-2A Greyhound flying machine, which was conveying 11 mariners from Japan to the plane carrying warship USS Ronald Reagan before smashing on Nov. 22, now rests at a profundity of around 18,500 feet, the Japan-based U.S. seventh Fleet said Saturday.
    A contracted rescue vessel found the flying machine utilizing a pinger locator that homed in on the slammed plane's crisis flag.
    The concentration now moves to rescuing the plane from what might be a record-setting profundity for such an exertion, the Navy said.
    "Regardless of extremely difficult conditions, each exertion will be made to recoup the air ship and our fallen mariners," the Navy stated, including that poor climate made the underlying mission be put off.
    In the coming weeks, a recuperation group will come back to the crash site with a side-examine sonar and remotely worked vehicle to outline trash field and also fix the flying machine with solid lines to lift it to the sea's surface, the announcement said.
    © Bryan Llenas gives an account of the response to the disaster.
    Eight mariners survived the crash. Those murdered have been distinguished as Lt. Steven Combs, initially of Massachusetts, Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Equipment) Airman Matthew Chialastri of Louisiana, and Aviation Ordnanceman Airman Apprentice Bryan Grosso of Florida.
    Elizabeth Combs has said that her sibling was steering the flying machine and figured out how to settle it in the ocean, taking into account the survivors to be protected. The Navy called Combs' activities "courageous."
    The reason for the crash stays under scrutiny.
    Prior this month, the plane carrying warship USS Ronald Reagan joined two other plane carrying warships off the Korean Peninsula out of the blue since the late 1960s of every a show of power to North Korea. At the season of the plane crash, the bearer's group was preparing with the Japanese military.
    The crash was the most recent mischance for the seventh Fleet, after two separate impacts adrift the previous summer including the guided-rocket destroyers USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain.
    Those mischances, which executed a sum of 17 mariners, prompted the expulsion of eight best Navy officers from their posts, including the armada leader.
    Fox News' Lucas Tomlinson and the Associated Press added to this report.

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