required Software Engineer – germany 16/2

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required Software Engineer – germany 16/2

required Software Engineer – germany 16/2

محتويات الموضوع

    The mission of Acquisition & Loyalty is to acquire new idealo customers and to convert them into loyal “idealo lovers”.As a Software Engineer in Acquisition & Loyalty, you develop features for products like the Price Alarm, Recommendation Engine, SEO services, Login and Identity Management, Bargains and Marketing Automation.

    About your new role

    • You are part of a cross-functional development team which always strives for the best technical solution
    • You utilize modern technologies like Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS, Vert.x und RxJava
    • You drive innovation and aim at achieving technological excellence
    • You work closely together with Product Management in order to develop the best possible product

    Skills & Requirements

    • Knowledge in Java 8 and the Spring Framework
    • A high motivation to deal with new technology
    • An agile mindset
    • You know who Uncle Bob is and understand what he is talking about
    • Basic understanding of the concepts of continuous delivery and deployment pipelines
    • Knowledge of DDD is a plus
    • Knowledge of frontend technologies like AngularJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript is a plus
    • German language skills are a plus
    We are happy to accept your application documents in German as well. 

    At idealo you can expect:

    • Training opportunities for your individual management or specialist career
    • The provision of all necessary equipment that you need to deliver top performances
    • Employees are self-reliant and free to schedule their own work day
    • Onboarding program including Welcome Day, Trainings and individual incorporation
    • The chance to work together on our goals, while also working to create something new
    • 700 motivated colleagues and a cool office loft in the trendy district of Kreuzberg

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